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Mancuso Construction all began as the dream of a young boy, Victor Mancuso. Vic discovered his passion for building and construction when he was very young and could be found regularly at the local construction projects in his neighborhood watching and asking questions. His family usually had to find him to get him home, but they always knew where to find him-at the local construction site.

As he grew older, his passion grew as well.  He asked for tools for birthday and Christmas gifts, and very soon accumulated enough to be able to do little projects around his own house.  The neighborhood noticed “the little Mancuso boy” who was an excellent carpenter, and asked him to do small projects for them too. While all his friends were playing football and baseball, Vic could be found doing projects like rebuilding a porch or steps in the neighborhood.

The jobs got bigger as Vic got older - from small repairs to room additions and framing and building houses.

In the early 1980's, Vic joined Dasta Construction Company (Dasta was ranked 5 in the top 25 firms in Kansas City). Vic spent several years working with Dasta Construction. While working there Vic experienced working on many projects. Most of Dasta's work was building very large, multi-story office buildings and warehouses.

75,000 square foot 6-level atop
250,000 square foot Parking Garage
135,000 square foot 5-level
Office Building
These projects gave Vic the experience and knowledge to fulfill his dream so he established Mancuso Construction in 1985.  His first project was a new, 7,500 square foot building for Excel Linen Company based in the heart of downtown Kansas City. This earned Mancuso Construction instant recognition.
Vic and Vincent Mancuso
In 1987 Vincent Mancuso, Vic's older brother, became a partner and brought with him a background in Electronics. Vincent's background had been in the Industrial Construction and Electronics working for companies like: Combustion Engineering, General Instruments, and Allied Signal.

The Power Plant shown is an example of the Power Plant that Vincent
worked on while working with Combustion Engineering
With their combined experience and work ethic, Vic and Vincent became an incredible team and began to specialize in the area of larger commercial construction projects because of their extensive experience. Mancuso Construction has completed many large construction projects and has become a strong competitor in the Kansas City Construction Market.

Vic and Vincent Mancuso are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

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