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Welcome to Mancuso Construction

Mancuso Construction's motto is �Building for those who demand quality�,
and for good reason. Quality is our #1 priority. WE DEMAND IT, AND WE DELIVER IT!

  • Mancuso Construction is a full-service company with over 25 years of experience.
  • We have extensive knowledge of all aspects of construction and its components.
  • We are recognized by Architects, Engineers and Inspectors for providing some of the highest quality construction services in the area.
  • We are quickly becoming Kansas City's �Contractor of Choice�.
  • We strive to create, maintain, and improve upon the most current techniques and industry standards.
  • We insist on providing only the best team of professionals available for our clients.
  • Our high quality level of approach can be seen at every stage of all our projects.
Our goal at Mancuso Construction is to consistently exceed our customers expectations and provide the highest quality and most efficient service to our customers no matter how large or small the project.  We promise to provide this by using only the best materials, equipment and techniques and by enlisting the best personnel available.
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